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        DTPCB Environmental Policy

        With the rapid economic growth, environmental issues have been urgently placed in front of us. It has seriously threatened the health, survival, and sustainable development of human society, and has received increasing public attention. The needs of international competition, the requirements of national policies, and the expectations of the general public make all types of organizations more and more important to their environmental protection issues, and they hope to standardize their environmental management activities and meet legal requirements in a systematic way. Needs and their own environmental policy for survival and development.

        DTPCB company is committed to environmental protection, the pursuit of economic development and environmental protection win-win goals. DTPCB Environmental Protection adopts internationally advanced technological process, and Jiang organic waste water, waste liquid, heavy metal waste water, etc. are treated separately to meet the national first-class emission standards. In addition, the company formulates and implements the environmental policy of “complying with regulations, preventing pollution, safe production, and continuous development”.

        1, to ensure that reducing and reducing the environmental impact caused by the production process
        2. Commitment to comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations
        3. Committed to pollution prevention, actively adopting waste reduction and resource recovery measures
        4. Committed to reduce the possible environmental risks and provide employees with a good working environment
        5, do a good job inside and outside the communication, express the implementation of the environmental management system determination and response
        6. Implement environmental management training and advocacy to increase awareness of environmental awareness
        7. Commit to continuous improvement of environmental training and management work and never stop

        The company's environmental improvement objectives are based on the above policy formulation and environmental considerations, including the following items:

        1. Improve work safety and maintain employees' health
        2, on-site rectification to reduce the risk of accidents
        3, to strengthen material management to reduce the risk of storage and transportation shipments
        4. Improve the efficiency of pollution prevention and control, and meet the requirements of laws and regulations (including water and electricity consumption)
        5, waste materials, barrel slot placement and set problems improve