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        Quality is the life of a company. The continuous pursuit of high quality is the guarantee of DTPCB's continuous operation. Good hardware equipment provides the driving force for high quality. Strict and strict management system provides guarantee for the increasingly perfect quality. DTPCB company has strictly followed the strict implementation of the requirements of international quality system standards, constantly updated the advanced equipment, optimize the process, so that customer satisfaction for the purpose, adhere to the principle of prevention-based, test-assisted, and constantly improve themselves.

        DTPCB Electric has an advanced quality inspection system in the industry. The professional inspection personnel and the factory of each board have passed repeated testing of multiple processes and achieved a waste rate of 5 parts per million, which is not inferior to any industry. A circuit board manufacturer, in the inspection process, each process has professional personnel to operate, use the latest hardware and software, so that each product delivered to the customer is assured products, bad board is manufactured, so DTPCB In addition to During the inspection process, we strictly control the inflow of customers and constantly improve our technology and seek the highest yield rate. This is our biggest pursuit.