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        Household Appliances

        In the era of smart homes and smart manufacturing, DTPCB has determined the position of DTPCB's circuit board supply in the home appliance industry through cutting-edge technology, combined with years of electronic production experience in the home appliance industry, combined with prototypes and cost-effective mass production.

        Although all countries in the world have not formed a unified concept for home appliances, the main products are still the following from the home appliance industry segmentation:

        Refrigerating appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, coolers, etc.
        Air conditioner;
        Kitchen Appliances;
        Clean appliances such as washing machines;
        Plastic health care device;
        Sound imager;

        As one of the leading manufacturing partners of advanced home appliance OEMs, DTPCB persists in technology, quality, delivery and service to meet the needs of customers. DTPCB's advanced manufacturing processes include image transfer, drilling, lamination, solder resist, and surface treatment. The cost control enables Dingtai's circuit to provide home appliance circuit boards that can withstand a variety of harsh environments. One of the original manufacturer's strategic partners.

        The main technical features include:
        Supports CEM-3, FR4 and other special materials;
        High reliability, moisture resistance and high temperature test;
        Low-loss, low-energy, halogen-free materials for high-speed currents
        Low-cost management concept, seamlessly receiving mass production from prototype design;
        Mass production rapid delivery ability, stable delivery control ability;
        Any thickness production delivery;

        Hot products