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        One of the Top 100 PCB Manufacturers in China

        Meizhou Dingtai Circuit Board Co. Ltd was established in 2006, honored by Meizhou City government as a high technology enterprise in China, which professionally manufactures double-sided PCBs and multilayer PCBs in 2013. Moreover, we have been in China's Top 100 PCB manufacturers since 2014.

        Specialized in Multilayer PCBs

        We are a rapidly expanding multilayer printed circuit board manufacturer. We provide high mix, low to mid volume, high-tech PCB solutions to leading technology companies throughout the world including fortune 500 EMS electronics,Meanwhile,the product structure of DTPCB currently,multilayer 60% or more,We have our own press fit machines,to keep competitive price for our customer,and guarantee the quality,Double side pcb boards only has 40% now.

        Stable Quality and Timely Delivery

        Our factories based in Meizhou City cover an area of more than 20,000 square meters and more than 80% of our equipment is fully automatic. While our China and marketing offices are in Shenzhen City and our third factory is under construction now. We also have customer service centers in Russia, India and South America. Besides, we are going to establish customer service centers in Germany and North America in the near future. We deeply know that quality problem was manufactured not by test,So DTPCB has strict quality control system,make sure every board must be without any quality problems,We pay more attention to process manufacture/engieering design ect,Til now,The feedback of quality from our customers we got is much lower than 1%,All in all, we strive to provide stable quality and timely delivery at competitive offshore prices.